olympia seniors: how to prepare for your senior portraits with hallie jo photography

Your senior portraits are a big deal.

I know how it feels - this is your big year, your last year of high school. You've already created so many memories and friendships in this place and all you want now is to make sure that as it comes to an end, you remember it all. The laughter, the football games . . . even some of the hard parts, like pulling study all-nighters and applying for dozens of scholarships and colleges. All these fleeting moments and memories that have acted as the building blocks of YOU - molding and shaping you into who you are - for the past four years.

So I know it can be daunting to think of preparing for one of the biggest days of your senior year: your senior portrait session.

But it doesn't have to be. In fact, whether you're a Hallie Jo Photography senior or you're getting your portraits done with another photographer, I want you to use this resource list to help make your senior portraits as stress-free as possible:


1. What to wear: the "Big Three."

This is my super easy, foolproof system for choosing the best outfits to feature in your senior portraits. It covers variety and versatility, while keeping things super simple so you don't have to stress!


2. What to wear: the little things.

Once you've chosen your outfits, here's some quick information about accessorizing them perfectly and making sure they come together the way you want them to! Small details matter, but that doesn't mean they need to stress you out.

3. Three things to do the day before your session.

This is a big one if you're afraid of forgetting anything important on the big day! Several things can be done well in advance to prevent you from a rushed frenzy right before your photo shoot. You're welcome. :)

4. Three things NOT to do the day before your session.

And of course - there are also things you definitely shouldn't do right before your session, just to be on the safe side! Avoid these three things and you'll help ensure that you look your very best in all your images.

5. How to make sure you look amazing, no matter what.

Even if all else fails and you're just having one crappy day, you can still look like the effortless beauty that you are! And I promise, the steps are so easy that you'll hardly have to think twice about them.


I hope you found some of this information helpful as you prepare for your big day!

And if you haven't yet chosen a photographer, don't be shy about getting in touch with me. I'd love to answer your questions and see if I'm a good fit to capture this special time of life for you! Book a consultation now at (360) 972-0948 or halliejophotography@gmail.com.