four what-to-wear ideas for your senior portraits

Whether you're a proud fashionista or mostly wish that it was appropriate to wear sweatpants and yoga pants everywhere (I'm with you on that), one of the biggest choices you'll have to make about your senior pictures (after choosing your photographer, of course!) is what to wear.

The answer will be different for everyone based on your personal preferences, style, body type, coloring, and probably a host of other nuances that just make you "you." But if you're feeling stumped, here are some ideas to get you started!

1. what to wear: the big three

This is a really handy outline of three different "types" of outfits you might want to make a part of your session. Each one will bring out a different aspect of you and your personality, as well as showcase your style in slightly different lights. It's a great place to get started!

2. what to wear: accessories

When you've got an idea what types of outfits you want to include, you can think about accessorizing them and making them unique! Also check out my three tips for using a statement necklace to give your outfit a whole new look.

3. what to wear: the power of neutrals

Sometimes all the different colors and patterns and styles you could combine to create a senior portrait outfit are just overwhelming. The fact is, excessively "loud" outfits can overwhelm the portrait, too - and distract from its purpose, which is to showcase YOU. That's why sometimes I just love throwing a toned-down, neutral outfit into the mix. A chic neutral piece doesn't overshadow - it enhances!

4. what to wear: when you need a boost of confidence

On the flip side, sometimes what you really need is an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks - and I have two secrets for choosing one! By far the best thing you can do for yourself in your portrait session is be empowered and feel confident, because that translates to the authenticity of each image in the end.

Feeling inspired? Awesome!

P.S. - if you haven't yet gotten in contact with me to book your senior portrait session, make haste! I book a pretty limited number of seniors each year and I don't want to have to turn you away because of a full calendar! (And don't worry, if you still have questions about what to wear, I would be happy to brainstorm with you. :))